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Player - chris buser], of Seattle, Washington.

Current Name - Roland le Moissonneur di Milan

Known Aliases from the past - Robert (Warning: You do not want to use that name.)

Faction/Philosophy:The Path Material

Mentor: Julia Kincaid

Clan: Valued by the Daeva.

Age - Undisclosed, but at least two centuries undead.

Location - Mercer Island, Washington, with chambers in Phoenix, Arizona.

IC LJ Icon - Image:Harvest.jpg

IC Livejournal - Stories of the Harvester

Common Knowledge among the Circle:

Known throughout the ages simply as the Harvester, this brooding figure recently defected from the Ordo Dracul. In addition to being the student of Julia Kincaid, he is also one of her direct childer, and has multiple childer of his own, at least two of whom (rumored to be Giselle Autour & Madame Marie Julia Rose-Kincaid) are also Crones.

There is growing concern in the unbeating hearts of those who fear the results of blending the ways of the Left Handed Path with the knowledge (and Coils) he acquired from the Dragons.

While there exists specific individuals within the covenant that could share additional information about him, the Crone as a whole remains as largely ignorant of him as he does of the mysteries that lie beyond his eventual initiation and promotion to full Acolyte status. Thus, very little is known of this individual, besides his obvious devotion to his Sire's safety... and the fact that he wears the symbol of the Dragon still, obscured with drying vitae. Whether this is done as a political statement or in unsubtle warning... remains to be seen.

Time will tell if this new member of the Chorus will survive the tribulations in his path.

Information on his membership within the Ordo Dracul can be found here

Rumors and Stories If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Roland, feel free to post them below here.

  • Roland is an accomplished diablerist, having been introduced to the practice by the Unholy.
  • Roland has killed entire cities of vampires, often by showing up unexpectedly to a gathering and commencing with the slaughter.
  • Roland carries a pocket full of Nazi silver, for occult purposes.
  • Roland is a paper tiger, using the nickname of the Harvester to create an ominous reputation.
  • Roland always goes armed upon Elysuim grounds.
  • Whispers speak of a blood curse placed upon him by his Sire, any daughters he embraces are fated to join the Crone... or perish.
  • Some say that there are only two vampires outside the di Milan that he refuses all contracts upon, for reasons of his own. Aspasia is one. Aimnestos is the other.
  • Roland only fears one creature: the mighty and accursed Gonzo.
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